For Stronger Hair and Nails, Eat More Fruits and Nuts.

Biotin PillsNuts are packed with biotin, which is necessary for healthy nails and hair.
What is biotin you ask?  Biotin is vitamin B7 and is known as food for the hair and nails. It helps to produce certain enzymes that the body needs for normal cellular function, especially in the hair and nails.  It also helps convert certain fatty acids and glucose for energy that we need to repair ourselves. Since biotin is so involved with creating the building blocks for basic body functions at a cellular level, it’s very important to have a sufficient supply of this nutritional element.  So next time you want a snack, reach for the nuts – especially almonds and walnuts,  and enjoy the delicious taste of strawberries and raspberries. 

 Dr. Wright’s Tip
We all want to be healthy and have a well functioning body. When you eat healthy, you look healthy. By taking daily supplements of biotin, you will aid in metabolizing amino acids and carbohydrates which help to produce certain enzymes. These enzymes improve the function of your nervous system and sweat glands – which help release toxins.  The release of these detrimental toxins will ensure that your body is functioning properly.  One part of your body which greatly benefits from detoxification is your hair and nails. So, with a daily supply of biotin you can have gorgeous flowing hair and longer thicker nails.

Some symptoms of a biotin deficiency may be dry skin, fungal infections, rashes, fine and brittle hair, hair loss, high cholesterol, and heart problems. Make sure that if you are experiencing several of these problems that you are taking enough biotin, and also see a physician to check for any vitamin deficiencies.

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