Even if you have Dry Skin, your Makeup can still give you a Radiant Look in Warmer.

Dry skin can be hard to maintain in climates that are dry and hot. Also, applying makeup over dry skin can make it look dull and unappealing. The key to cure dry skin is moisture; however moisture can evaporate during dry and hot seasons. When looking for summer makeup during the warmer weather that will make your skin stay moist, not oily or dry, use foundations that have hydrating benefits – so that you can keep your radiant glow.

 Dr. Wright’ Tip

 Dry skin does not have to appear dry in the summer when you wear makeup. The most important factor for dry skin is to make sure to use a liquid foundation because powder can tend to make dry skin look dull. For an extra treat, try adding a little hydrating moisturizer into your foundation for additional water capturing properties. When our make-up artists use my PREVIA FOUNDATION they apply small dots to the skin and blend it in using a makeup sponge. A base foundation with very fine light-reflective particles will give a natural-look and dewy finish. When using a blush, try a gel-based product, as powder and cheek stains do not suit dry skin types. Now for the lips, try to exfoliate then apply a balm or salve and finish with a lip gloss or moisturizing lipstick.

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