For a Soft Touch of Femininity, Look to Shades of Pink

Daytime makeup needs to be simple and casual. Nothing can suit those requirements better than shades of pink. A pink lip gloss or a lip balm can soften your look, while a hot pink will gel well with any outfit and you can add some blush and shadows to complete the light, feminine look.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

What makes pink so universally flattering is that it’s sheer and creamy, which allows your natural lip color to show through. Many of my patients have always thought of pink as ‘my mother’s lipstick,’ but certain shades can be soft and sophisticated with a creamy, rich feel. Pair pink lipstick with a strong smoky eye for a sexy evening look. A couple of great pinks in our PREVIA cosmetic line are “HALO” and “CLEAVAGE”.

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX