Replace the Moisture Lost in the Summer Time.

Your body weight is 50 to 55% water. In the summertime, you need to replenish fluids lost due to sweating. Drink six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day to keep well hydrated. Also, you don’t have to drink your water; you can eat it as well. Melons, such as watermelon and honeydew are packed with tons of hydration benefits. Also, eating cucumbers has hydration and soothing benefits, when it comes to sensitive skin. Dehydrated skin will show by being dry and flaky. As we age we lose that moisture, so it is best to replenish the water lost during the hot dry summer. Our skin already takes the abuse of the harmful rays from the sun. Protect and soothe your skin with the calming affects of H2O. Water does a lot for our skin and body, flushing out harmful toxins that can cause irritation and issues to normal body functions.


Dr. Wright’s Tip
Water does not only have to be consumed, you can also use a spritzer for hydration. For those days that are extremely hot and when your skin feels dry and brittle from the sun’s heating rays, spray yourself with hydration. The Thermal Spray by Avene  is a healing water mist that can soothe, soften and restore your skin’s natural balance. It can also relieve irritation and itch throughout hot summer days. 

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