Are your Crow’s Feet making you Less “Cute” and More “Wise” These Days?

Remember the days when you hated being called “cute”? Now… those days, may not have seemed so bad after all! One way that many people age first is around the eyes- the smile lines, or crow’s feet. Fortunately, skincare technology is so advanced that there are many possible ways to soften those little lines – and Dr. Wright has the answer!  So start smiling again because now we can remove the wrinkles, and therefore make us look younger than we actually are!

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Among the ways to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, include using treatment products. I like to recommend using a combination of my two eye products- EYE QUENCH and REVIVAL EYES. While the EYE QUENCH provides you with a rich and protective barrier moisturizer with collagen stimulating ingredients, REVIVAL EYES (a firming treatment) uses a concentrated blend of natural ingredients and peptide technology to combat the symptoms of puffiness, sagging skin, under-eye circles and wrinkles. Using these two products together will give you optimum results.


Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX