Do people ask you if you are Worried or Mad- when you are Neither?

Botox and Dysport work like a magic eraser on wrinkles and worry lines! Botox and Dysport procedures are quick and simple, with minimal to no pain involved. After the treatment there is no pain, even though you may have some minor bruising if you have recently used pain relievers other than Tylenol. All patients can return directly to work or normal activity immediately afterward.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

There is no other wrinkle treatment like Botox or Dysport, which is why I see such terrific results with it. A tiny injection relaxes away deep, persistent lines and wrinkles that develop from the automatic contraction of muscles when you are worried, sad or simply stressed. Many people have habits of frowning they are unaware of. This causes a perpetual tense or angry look. By using Botox or Dysport to stop that “worry signal” from getting through, you lose the frown and worry lines.


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