Are you Bothered by Pockets of Unwanted Fat?

After having two kids it is hard for me to lose fat around my stomach. It does not matter how much I exercise, or how many crunches I do, I still have those fatty deposits on my stomach and even on my hips. I no longer call the fat on my back “love handles” – I now call them “love bars”!  But I have found a solution, which is mesotherapy!  Dr. Wright performs this procedure personally for patients and it is a great way to shrink the fat beneath the skin safely without strenuous exercise or surgery. 

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Mesotherapy has been around for decades, it was first introduce in Europe in 1952. It involves microinjections which are absorbed under the skin, into the mesoderm, or middle layer.  Mesotherapy can be used for many cosmetic improvements.  When treating for body contouring, phosphatidylcholine is injected to dissolve the deep pockets of fat. It will melt fat the same way you do when you diet and exercise, excreting the fat in waste.  This body sculpting technique introduces vitamins, minerals, pharmaceuticals, and amino acids just under the surface of the skin.  The medications used are FDA approved and compounded by accredited pharmaceutical companies. Based on your individual needs, I will select a formula consisting of several medications designed for your most challenging issues.  For further information , I encourage you to log on to my website,  to view a video where I was  interviewed by Channel 5 News Health Report as an expert in North Texas for LipoLite® – an advanced technique in body contouring using Mesotherapy and VelaSMOOTH.

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