4 Ways to Look Amazing in Photos

Dr Wright’s Tip:

I was recently reading a Glamour Magazine on how to look good in photos. And with the family arriving for Thanksgiving and the annual Holiday photos being taken – now is the time to learn the tricks.  Celebrity photographer, Patrick McMullen spills his secrets with these 4 easy steps.

1. Do glow in the right places.  McMullen suggests shimmer on your cheekbones or under your brow bones to light up your face on film; skip your nose.

2. DON”T wear heavy makeup. “High-megapixel cameras work like a magnifying glass” says McMullen. Always pretty, sheer and red lips.

3. DO smile naturally.  Go ahead, Glamour says to say cheese – but don’t go crazy. “Show your teeth, but not your gums,” says McMullen.

4. DON”T look too party-girl.  Keep your drink out of the photo.  It is also advised to do a quick check to make sure that everything else is where it belongs – pull back in the bra straps!

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