The Truth Behind Stretch Marks

Scars and Stretch MarksStretch marks occur most prominently during pregnancy but can also occur during rapid weight loss, weight gain, or even through a growth spurt. Depending on your complexion, they may manifest themselves in a pinkish tone (fair skinned people) or a white tone (darker skinned people). The worst part about stretch marks? No matter how hard you try to wish them away there is no cure-all remedy to get rid of stretch marks or prevent them from happening. So what is it about stretch marks that is worth knowing? Read on to learn more.

They’re Unavoidable

About 75 percent of women get stretch marks during pregnancy. Because your body is growing and stretching at such a rapid weight during your pregnancy, it can cause your skin to stretch quickly and drastically, causing the appearance of stretch marks. The average woman gains anywhere from 25-35 pounds within the nine months they are carrying their child— which is a considerable amount of weight to gain for just about anyone, meaning your skin is going to have to adapt to that growing baby bump and that additional baby weight.

They’re harmless

At points throughout your pregnancy you will likely feel your skin stretching and itching in ways that you didn’t know were possible. And although that stretching sensation might be a bit uncomfortable, it’s important to note that stretch marks are completely harmless.

They Can Fade

Stretch marks are not necessarily a permanent feature for every woman. In fact after a few years, stretch marks tend to fade but will still likely be somewhat visible. However, that’s why Dr. Fiona Wright offers stretch mark treatment options such as the following:

  • DERMAPEN MICRONEEDLING (Learn more about Dermapen in Zwivel’s Complete Guide to Microneedling

During your initial consultation appointment with Dr. Fiona Wright, she will analyze your stretch marks in order to determine the best solution for you and your body.

When it comes down to it there is virtually no real way to avoid getting stretch marks. However, by understanding some of the basic about stretch marks and knowing about some of your treatment options, you can help to feel more comfortable and confident about your body. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Fiona Wright’s office today.


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