The Regenerative Properties of RetrinAL-NEW FORMULA!


After the age of 30, it is recommended that you use some form of vitamin A in your anti-aging skin care regimen. Vitamin A works on wrinkles and photo-damaged skin by exfoliating the cells and encouraging new ones to form. While some skin types find that they do not tolerate this ingredient well, there is one product we have found that works well even for the most sensitive skin!

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Dr. Fiona Wright’s Tip:

Two popular forms of Vitamin A are Retinoic Acid (retin-A) and Retinol and although they work on wrinkles, they can be unbearably irritating for sensitive types.  For years, my solution to this dilemma, has been to offer my patients, RETRINAL by Avène which uses a specific form of Vitamin A called Retinaldehyde that is both effective and kind to sensitive skin.   Retinoic Acid is the only ingredient that requires a prescription even though Retinaldehyde has a similar activity level. Both Retinaldehyde and Retinoic acid are substantially more active (500 times more!) than all other Vitamin A counterparts.  Many of my sensitive skin patients have successfully added RETRINAL into their daily regimen and have gotten great results!

But, the exciting news for this product is that it now is offered as RETRINAL Intensive Cream which contains Relastide, an anti-aging peptide that helps keep collagen and elastin from becoming stiff and rigid while boosting  the efficacy of retinaldehyde.   RETRINAL Intensive Cream delivers deliver 4 antiaging benefits: wrinkle reduction, radiance, skin elasticity, and skin quality (skin texture and tone).

Retinaldehyde and Relastide are available in very few products, which makes RETRINAL Intensive Cream by Avène  rather exceptional after all. Available at Skin MD and Beyond!

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