Renew your Skin with the Essentials it Needs- try Renew!

During colder climates our immune system becomes weakened which makes us more susceptible to winter illness – and the same applies to our skin. When our skin becomes dry and our natural exfoliation system becomes sluggish, we need to help it with powerful anti-aging peptides and deep hydration. This is the time for us to arm ourselves with one of Dr. Wright’s favorite winter serums – RENEW!   

Dr. Wright’s Tip  

Peptides in skin care are now considered to be important ingredients in anti-aging products. Combined with antioxidants it is the best in protecting your skin. Results from using a product with peptides are wrinkle reduction, as they stimulate collagen production – which will firm up the skin from the inside. By using my RENEW serum you will not only receive essential deep hydration but it was designed to provide protection from environmental and aging damage.  Renew can also keep the skin balanced, smooth and younger looking with up to 45% wrinkle reduction. Formulated with peptide technology with B-glucan and powerful anti-oxidants it will restore skin vitality and hydration as well as skin cell turnover, which is needed in cold and dry season.

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX