Body Shaping in Minutes with the Right Undergarments

Aren’t you tired of clothing that gives you a muffin top? We all want a nice slender physique when we wear our beautiful gowns and dresses for the holidays. With all the food and desserts it is hard to maintain a smooth, lump-free figure. However, with a little help from Spanx and other body garments we can hide those unwanted rolls. 

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Throughout this season, and with all the holiday parties and events, we all find it quite difficult to control what we eat, and we find that it can take a toll on our figure.  But now, by wearing body shape wear like Spanx or Maidenform we can all compliment any holiday attire.  With body shape wear you will be able to enhance your look and not worry about unflattering shapes in your dress. 

Some suggestions for the proper way to make sure you get the correct size in your Spanx:

  • Look at the sizing chart on the back of the packaging or visit the Spanx website
  • It is recommended that you purchase the next size up if your height and weight fall into a shaded area of the sizing chart

Then you have to know how to put them on which is a challenge in itself:

  • Take off your jewelry so it does not snag the fabric, also watch your fingernails which can snag the material as well
  • Don’t put the Spanx on immediately after showering/bathing because your skin may still be damp and this makes it much harder to get the Spanx on. Also, heat from the shower/bath may have caused your skin to expand
  • Baby powder is good to use to help you get them on
  • Allow yourself some time to put on the Spanx- it does take some time to put them on and do it in a cool room so you don’t start sweating

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