Q and A with Dr. Wright, as featured in ON Magazine


As a host beauty editor for On Magazine, Dr. Fiona Wright has published a series of Q & A articles in response to emailed questions, sometimes with collaborations by other medical colleagues in her network.  She would now like to share the information with everyone!


Q: Dr. Wright, as I get older my chin and neck seem to get more and more “saggy”. What can I do to make it tighter and younger looking?


A: ThermiTIGHT skin tightening is arguably the most exciting new tool to emerge in the aesthetic medicine field in the last few years. Although the technology itself is not new, the application of this new device allows physicians to use radiofrequency energy in a variety of innovative new ways.

As we age our skin loses the elasticity that it had in our younger years, and this causes it to become loose and appear saggy. To find a solution, my patients today are demanding faster, less invasive procedures with little, if any, downtime that can tighten loose sagging skin and reduce those pockets of unwanted fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise. And now I am excited to offer them the newest advancement in tissue tightening and non-surgical fat reduction for face, neck and body contouring ThermiTight, using exclusive ThermiRF technology.

Traditionally, the only sure way to tighten neck skin has been to go in for time-consuming and invasive neck-lift surgery. A full-on neck lift is an aggressive surgery with increased risks of nerve damage, numbness and blood clots, not to mention the three months needed to recuperate.

The biggest distinction between the ThermiTIGHT device and previously available treatments is that instead of delivering the energy on top of the skin, the radiofrequency energy is delivered directly under the skin, effectively reaching the deep dermal skin. When the deeper skin is heated, the body senses this as an injury and the healing response is triggered. An intense production of collagen helps generate new collagen resulting in new elastin and firmer, tighter skin.


-Dr. Fiona Wright

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX