Prepare your Feet for what Holiday Parties Lie Ahead

It is time for us to get ready for holiday parties and the New Year. That means we will be up dancing and on our feet all night. For some we can relax knowing that we will not be wearing high heels and fashionably high shoes. However, for those like me who have a fetish for stilettos and pumps that make a fashion statement, we will be suffering from aching feet and blistering toes. Prepare your feet for what’s ahead. Make sure you choose you shoes wisely before any celebration event or make preparations to soothe and pamper battered feet.


Dr. Wright’s Tip

Heels can be painful, especially if you are on your feet all night. One way to prevent blisters would be using a silicone based lubricate. Try using Band Aid’s Friction Stick if you feel chafing. You can also purchase Dr. Scholl’s For Her, which are the first full line of products designed specifically to meet women’s unique foot care needs, enabling you to look and feel fabulous. To soothe tired feet come to the Beyond Spa at Skin MD and Beyond and get a FOOT REFLEXOLOGY TREATMENT.  If you don’t have the time with the holiday rush, then try a simple home remedy of epsom salts with lavender oil to relieve your tired feet. Absorbed through the skin, such as in a bath, the salts can draw toxins from the body and reduce swelling.  The lavender oil will sedate the nerve endings in the skin and relax aching muscles. Enjoy!

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