Is your Complexion Uneven, Patchy, or Spotty?


If you have lived in Texas as long as I have, you probably have a few unwanted freckles and/or age spots. Photo rejuvenation or IPL( Intense Pulsed Light) are laser treatments are most commonly used for removing these trouble spots on the face, neck, chest, hands and other areas of the body. Photo rejuvenation, when done properly, will consist of a series of 5-6 treatments with one performed every three to four weeks. The benefits of photo rejuvenation treatments are achieved with little discomfort and minimal risk. The IPL device emits a range of light waves that are then tuned and targeted at the melanin (the brown pigment in freckles and age spots). The light beam passes through the skin and is absorbed by melanin resulting in damage to the pigment. The pigment is then absorbed by the body, rendering the spots less visible.

Dr. Wrights Tip

If you are going to invest in an IPL Photo rejuvenation series, I always recommend increasing your sunscreen SPF protection and to apply it often! After all, it was the Texas sun that created the spots to begin with. The UV rays from the sun will always do damage to the skin and cause uneven skin tone and spots to appear. SPF helps to ward off this damage but more often than not, people do not use a high enough SPF. You want a broad (UVA and UVB ) spectrum SPF of at least 30 and if you are out in the sun often you should reapply every 2 hours. Consider a SPF with Green Tea such as my ANTI-PHOTO AGING GREEN TEA SUNSCREEN SPF 50. Green Tea Polyphenols counteract the effects of the sun’s damaging UV rays, deactivating them before they cause harm. It offers full benefits of sun protection, potent anti-oxidants to fight aging, botanicals to soothe and correct damage – and it is tinted too!


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