How to apply Makeup in five minutes

Woke up late? Not enough time to do your make-up? Don’t walk out of the house looking like you just rolled out of bed. Here are a few steps that will always have you looking fabulous, and the best thing of all, you can make it happen in 5 minutes!

Dr. Wright’s Tip

With today’s busy lifestyles, women are having less time to get ready in the morning. Sometimes we need more than two hands to get ready in a short period of time. To help out, I would like to give you a few tips to help your morning rush be less stressful!
1- Concealer/foundation; applying concealer to dark circles- as you apply it you can apply foundation with the other hand.
2- Blush; don’t forget to smile when applying. Do the higher cheek if seeking a contour look.

3- Shadow; a solid neutral eyeshadow (simplicity)

4- Curling lashes/ mascara; curl your lashes before mascara and always make sure you apply two coats of mascara if wanting a fuller effect.

5- Don’t forget your sunscreen; it’s a must even though you might be in a rush, you still have to take care of your skin.
6- Lipstick/lip gloss; last but not least apply lip stick/gloss just like adding the cherry to your Sunday.

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