Happy Birthday to one of our Team; Rachel!

It is a Special Day at SKIN MD & Beyond. It is Rachel’s Birthday. Rachel is one of our senior aestheticians who performs laser and facial services at the clinic. So today she will do her Birthday Expression. As mentioned previously, Birthday Expressions are where you get to know the beauty secrets of an employee here at SKIN MD & BEYOND on their birthday.

Rachel’s Skin Tip
My main focus for my beauty needs are to prevent and protect. My favorite skincare products are Prevage MD and a daily Sun Protection Lotion which is oil-free with an SPF of 45. I use Prevage MD to protect my skin from cellular breakdown. Prevage MD  protects the skin from environmental stress known to cause the skin to age. It is formulated with idebenone, a very powerful topical antioxidant, which improves the overall appearance of my skin. I also will never leave the house without a daily sunscreen, not even to go check my mailbox. These two products are great to introduce to your skincare regime. Remember Prevage MD is only available from a doctor.

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX