Happy Birthday to Dr. Wright

Today, December 3rd, all the staff at Skin MD and Beyond send our Best Wishes to Dr. Wright. Today, we asked her to reflect on all her most memorable moments in 2012 – and we look forward to her having a GREAT 2013!


Thank you to everyone and their well wishes. When asked to recall my best memories of this year – it would be all the wonderful trips I took visiting my family, as this was a year of travel and birthday celebrations – and I would like to share the highlights with everyone! The picture I have attached is a recent photo of my brother and his wife (Anthony and Camilla) and my husband, Dr. Tim Wright, celebrating my brother’s birthday in New York City! This year I also celebrated my mother’s 65th birthday with her in our birthplace, Exeter, England. Tim and I also went to San Diego to celebrate his birthday, and to round out this year – we will be going to Canada to welcome the birth of the next generation in our family – as my niece is having her first child. Tim and I will be welcoming in the New Year 2013, with this new bundle of family joy ( who will be arriving any day!). I wish everyone the happiest for the Holiday Season and hope that all of you have had a wonderful 2012 and a GREAT 2013! Cheers, Dr. Fiona Wright

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX