God Save William and Kate!

A table with short bread butter cookies, and a wedding topper depicting Will and Kate. As many of you will know, on Friday April 29th, Prince William and Catherine Middleton were married at Westminister Abbey. But, what many of you do not know – is that I am British by birth – and so I had to celebrate!!  Dr Tim and I took the day off, and with our very good friends, Ron and Candace, we had all the festivities at our home!  After watching 5 1/2 hours of British television – we then recapped on high definition television, on NBC.  With high definition – you can see Everything!!!!  I will need to remember that next time I am interviewed on TV !! 

It was a wonderful event – and I hope that all who watched enjoyed it as much as we did!  As well, for all our readers who are getting married this year, I wish you a “Royal Day” filled with the same beauty and love.  Cheers, Dr. Wright
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