Find the “wRight” Kind of Sunscreen!

OilFreeUltraLiteSPF30With May being Skin Cancer Awareness month and hot summer days around the corner, you may want to find know what kind of SPF you should be using. Now that the FDA has put new rules for Sunscreens, finding the right kind of sun protection will be easier for you.

According to the American Cancer Society, 9,480 people are expected to die of melanoma by the end of this year, which in most cases is from UV radiation. With so many resources on skin protection and sunscreen recommendations, this is just unacceptable! Melanoma is not only prevalent on older patients but it is the most common cancer among the 15-29 age group.

Read on to find out how to protect yourself from the sun!

Dr. Wright’s Tip:

A sun protection factor of 15 or higher is recommended. Remember that make-up alone is not enough to protect you from the sun. Always wear a sunscreen underneath your make-up for maximum sun protection. Your sunscreen should be BROAD SPECTRUM to protect you from both UVA (causes more wrinkles) and UVB (causes sunburns).


Enjoy the outdoors, after all, the sun does provide the necessary vitamin D for our bodies. But, before heading out, apply sunscreen 30 minutes prior any outdoor activity and reapply every two hours after. Although many sunscreens read “waterproof” it is still necessary to reapply every two hours. Not only will you lower your risk of skin cancer, you will save your skin from wrinkles and aging.


To help you on your quest to find the “wRight Sunscreen”, Fiona Wright, MD skincare line offers a sunscreen for every skin type;


For oily or acne prone skin try our Oil Free Ultra Lite SPF 30. This light weight hydrating SPF 30 is designed for normal to oily skin types and offers full spectrum protection from the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays.


If you are more sensitive to sunscreens, then our Oil & Chemical Free Matte Finish Broad Spectrum SPF30 will work wonders. This moisturizing formula of 17% Miconized Zinc provides the highest level of broad-spectrum UVA/ UVB protection. Chemical and oil-free, it never feels heavy or oily, and gives a long-lasting, oil-free matte finish- perfect to apply over makeup.


Do you prefer something with a tint? Try our Anti-Photoaging Sunscreen with Green Tea Broad Spectrum SPF 50+. The tinted, moisturizing base is fortified with a unique antioxidant formulation which offers the highest level of Green Tea Polyphenols to counteract the effects of the sun’s damaging UV rays, deactivating them before they cause harm. This unique 3-in-1 sun screen offers the full benefits of sun protection, potent anti-oxidants to fight aging, and botanicals to soothe and correct damage.

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