Facing Your 50’s and Beyond- Services You Need to Know


In your 50’s, you will start to notice the cumulative effects of sun damage which creates a deepening of lines and wrinkles and discoloration. The skin starts to thin and blood vessels under the skin look more prominent.

We are all living longer, so the earlier you start professional care, the younger you’ll look as the years advance. Effective anti-aging treatments are now available and while aging remains inevitable, you don’t have to sit down and accept it.

Read on to find out what in office procedures are recommended once you hit 50!

Dr. Fiona Wright’s Tip:

In office procedures should begin to address the effects of gravity. My favorite technology to tighten skin is the use of RadioFrequency. For a non-surgical approach, my patients enjoy the benefits of our 3DEEP Skin Tightening System, which has a unique 3 Dimensional technology which allows for the energy to travel DEEP into areas that other machines cannot reach.

For many people surgery can be a scary thought, especially when it involves your face or neck and results are so permanent that you cannot go back once under the knife.  A step in between these two options, is the new and exciting technology called the ThermiTight Procedure.  This minimally invasive treatment involves placing a Radio Frequency probe under your skin (much like how Facial Fillers are done) to stimulate skin tightening deeper and more effectively—  and with longer lasting results!  The combination of skin tightening with Botox/Dysport and Facial Fillers has all of my patients successfully avoiding the surgical knife.  In fact experts agree that if this is something you’ve been considering, once you hit age 50, sooner is better than later!

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