Skincare in Your 50’s- What You Need to Know


Facing your 50’s doesn’t have to be a grim situation…. What you might start noticing with your loss of hormones is a decline in collagen, elastin, and oil production and this leads to skin thinning, dryness and drooping of the face. The cumulative years of sun damage will also create a deepening of lines and wrinkles, and discoloration. Your skincare products should be designed for menopausal skin with antioxidants, nondrying cleansers and rich moisturizers. Dr. Fiona Wright offers a skincare line that can be specifically tailored for you! Read on to find out what products can slow down the clock of aging.

Dr. Fiona Wright’s Tip:

My Prévia line is made exclusively for Women, by a Woman to help win the war on aging. Two of my available cleansers are designed specifically for the “hormonally challenged: woman – PRÉVIA FORTIFIED CLEANSER, a hydrating and revitalizing cleanser for dry mature skin, and PRÉVIA PURIFYING CLEANSER which is a skin refining and detoxifying cleanser to help mature skin battle against acne without stripping it of its natural moisture.  Both provide a balance of hydration, age-fighting anti-oxidants and collagen stimulating vitamins.


Another Prévia product that you should add to your skin regimen is my PRÉVIA REPLENISH AND REBUILD MOISTURIZER. With age-defying peptides and potent anti-oxidants, this therapeutic moisturizer was designed to penetrate deep and rebuild the skin from beneath and protect renewed skin from further damage.  As well, this excellent day/night moisturizer contains Green Tea and Soy extract to accelerate skin rejuvenation, balance hormonal changes and correct wrinkles and fine lines by supporting new collagen growth.  Skin Restructuring Therapy dramatically restores vital elements lost to aging and hormonal changes.


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