Does your Make-Up have an Expiration Date?

Just like everything in the world, make-up does expire. At the beginning I was not aware of this. Therefore I continued to wear my eye mascara I had for 6 months. Then I noticed that my eyes began to bother me. When I went to my doctor she informed me that I had an eye infection from expired make-up. So at that time I threw out any expired make-up. 

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Just like milk, make-up has an expiration date. Over the months and years expired make-up can harbor nasty bacteria that can grow as it sits. When you apply it to your skin you can develop irritation or an infection from expired make-up. Make sure to discard any make-up that has been sitting on your vanity for a year. After a breakout, make-up brushes can transfer bacteria back onto your skin so make sure to wash out your make-up brushes thoroughly. Also, if your make-up has an unusual smell or color, please discontinue use and discard. Below is a helpful time table to remind you when you should discard make-up: 

Face powder and eye shadow- 1 year 

Foundation- 6 months

Lipsticks- 1 year

Mascara- 3-6 months

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX