When It Comes To Pores, Bigger Isn’t Always Better

MILIA and CLOGGED PORES – Plano and Frisco TXSkin is amazing. It protects us from viruses and bacteria, allows us to feel the world around us and helps keep us warm and cool. Thanks to layers of cells, blood vessels, nerves and even fat, the skin does all of this every day, all day, almost without complaint. But our skin is quite adept at telling us when it is unhappy, and these indicators typically show up as clogged, enlarged pores.

Poor Pores

Pores are little openings in the surface of your skin where hair follicles develop and grow. They also help us perspire and release toxins from the body. Natural pore size is influenced by many factors, such as your ethnicity and skin type. Large pore size is not necessarily a concern, as some people have larger pores than others. You should be concerned, though, if your pores are larger than normal, or enlarged. You may have enlarged pores in isolated or larger areas of your face.

Enlarged = Unhappy

The size of your pores changes in response to environmental factors. Not the environment around you as much as the environment inside the pore. Oil and dirt combine to create a thick, sticky substance that gets trapped inside the pore. This causes the pore to stretch. If the pore is not cleaned, the next stage is inflammation that enlarges the pore even more and may cause acne. Believe it or not, certain types of makeup can make your pores look enlarged when the liquid seeps into the pores instead of staying above the pore.

Pamper Your Pores

Enlarged pores can be treated with treatments in our office and some changes to your at-home skin care. Chemical peels, facials, and microdermabrasion deep clean your pores, but they will need time to shrink down to a normal size. We can also recommend skin care products from our WRxIGHT Beauty Bar to help you keep your skin and pores clean, healthy and beautiful at home.

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