Choosing the Right Foundation

Foundation is the most important makeup item you will ever purchase, and while the right formula can make your skin look years younger, the wrong formula can add years.  Wearing the right foundation can give your skin that natural healthy glow and can cover imperfections, blemishes, and smooth out uneven skin tones.

Foundation is often one of the hardest products to choose correctly.  There are a few things to consider when choosing the right foundation.  First is formula, if you have oily skin you want to choose a foundation with oil absorbers. For dry skin, you will need a foundation with moisturizers in it.  Wearing the correct foundation for your skin type will ensure that your foundation will stay on longer and give your skin that flawless look.  Your second consideration is color; you want to correctly match your skin tone.  The wrong color can ruin your whole look.

So when beginning your search for the perfect foundation, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is my skin type? Oily, or dry
  • What kind of coverage do I want? Sheer, medium, or full coverage
  • Do I want a matt finish or a dewy look
  • What is the undertone of my skin? Olive, Yellow, Pink
  • What is the depth of my skin? Very pale to deep ebony

Once you have answered these questions you can begin to narrow down your choices.  When choosing the right shade you always want to do a patch test in natural light.  Apply several colors to the neck area until you find the perfect match.  The shade that matches your neck is the right shade.

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