Battling Dry Skin? We have the Answer for All Skin Types!


Hydrators, moisturizers, and emollients are complex mixtures of chemical and botanical agents specially designed to make the outside layers of your skin softer and more pliable. They increase the skin’s hydration or water content by reducing evaporation. When your skin loses this vital level of hydration, damage will set in – and then aging!  If you are already feeling the effects, then try Fiona Wright MD skincare ULTRA HYDRATING MOISTURIZER – it is the perfect balance of hydration and moisture.  It is one of the most powerful forms of hydration therapy that is anything but routine! This water-based, non-greasy formula targets dry skin and rehydrates deep within, restoring the skin’s suppleness and vitality.

Dr. Wright’s Tip:

 Sometimes the hardest part of finding the right products is finding the right balance for your skin. ULTRA HYDRATING MOISTURIZER is an ideal choice for people who suffer from acne but also have dry skin at the same time. Free of heavy oils and waxes, its feather weight texture instantly restores the skin’s natural moisture barrier while remaining oil free so you don’t have to worry about it contributing to breakouts or blemishes. This fast-acting, long-lasting moisturizer will condition your skin without clogging pores our overpowering normal-to-oily skin. Although perfect for oily skin – patients with dehydrated dry skin love it too, as it provides a second layer of immediate hydration with a velvety soft finish!

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