Avoid Touching your Face During the Day!

We use our hands to touch everything! Our hands carry nasty bacteria that can be transferred to anyone and anything. Even the common cold involves the transfer of bacteria from hands and other objects. This also applies to bacteria that cause acne which can be transferred by your hands. Oils from your hands get transferred from your palms or fingers without you even realizing it! Fingernails can carry dirt and debris and by scratching our skin we can cause infection in the skin and hair follicles. So remember to wash your hands regularly and keep them off your face! 

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Avoid touching your skin during the day to prevent acne breakouts. This will decrease the transfer of bacteria and toxins to the skin. Also, carry a hand anti-bacteria gel to destroy any bacteria that you come in contact with every day. Many people use oil blotting papers for their face to reduce the appearance of excess oils. Blotting sheets can come with many benefits that include nourishing the skin and absorbing excess oil but they also sit in the bottom of your purse all day. To avoid contaminates try our Previa Invisible Oil Free Blotting Powder that can be used alone or over foundation to set make-up and reduce the “shine” on your face.


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