3 Anti-Aging Agents you Must Have in your Skincare Products

As we get older, there are 3 must have ingredients that should be in your skincare creams. They are a Vitamin A compound, Collagen Building Peptides and Alpha Hydroxyl. Because our skin’s metabolism slows down with aging we need to do a few things differently. In every case you should stick with a gentle cleanser and use a sunscreen. Trade in your harsh scrub and light moisturizers for products that include vitamin A with a more concentrated moisturizer and anti-aging peptides. The benefit of Alpha Hydroxyl (glycolic) is that AHAs they speed cellular turnover by allowing the skin to exfoliate naturally without the risk of broken capillaries. This makes it easier for skin to absorb moisture.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

The key to youthful skin is maintaining a skincare regime, which includes vitamin A, Peptides and Alpha Hydroxyl as your age fighting agents. Remember as we age our skin has different needs. It’s thinner, finer and doesn’t snap back as quickly as it used to, therefore we reach out for these ingredients for help. Despite all the anti-aging hype, these ingredients truly work to reduce lines and wrinkles, smooth your skin’s texture and eliminate dullness and discoloration. Retin-A is a prescription strength ingredient derived from vitamin A that will help smooth out wrinkles and improve pigmentation. Retin-A if used properly can fade away aging spots that are created by harmful UVA and UVB rays. It also smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles by helping the skin retain collagen and speed up the production of new skin cells. However Retin-A can be extremely irritating to mature skin and Retrinal made by Avene can be an excellent alternative. Peptides are also a key ingredient in renewing skin cells. When applying peptides on the skin, it forces the skin to produce new collagen. Although I have several peptide containing products in my skin care line, Previa Replenish and Rebuild Moisturizer has the most potent ingredients.

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