You Don’t Need Surgery to Remove that “Turkey Neck”!

3deepbandaAs we age, the skin on our necks become noticeably wrinkled and flabby and the option of surgical correction can be quite painful, as well as costly, so it becomes ever so important to address the problem before it occurs!

Read on to find out what the latest non-invasive procedure is to get rid of that “turkey neck” or “wobbly bits”!

Dr. Fiona Wright’s Tip:

There is now a myriad of skin-tightening devices available which heat the skin to a certain temperature causing collagen and elastin to contract, creating a tighter, firmer neck line.

If you have a sagging neck, skin tightening can be achieved with an advanced Radiofrequency device such as the 3-DEEP. This treatment is pain free and has no downtime! For the “wobbly bits” -you would be an ideal candidate for VelaContour – designed to take away extra inches of fat and achieve some slight neck tigtening. Both require a series of treatments and maintenance.

Another fascinating treatment for Neck Rejuvenation is Botox. The playstma muscles are the most important neck structures responsible for the appearance of the aging neck. As these thin sheets of muscle on the neck begin to pull down, the skin will sag and form vertical bands. Injections of Botox into these vertical bands help to soften the muscle pull and flatten the bands, creating a smoother more youthful neck line!

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