What are the Correct Clothes to wear if you are Pear Shape?

Got curves? Show them off by dressing to accentuate your assets. The goal for a pear shape body is balance. Characteristics of a pear shape are a smaller midsection and bigger thighs, backsides and legs. The shoulders and bust are usually narrower.     

Dr. Wright’s Tip

There are five main types of body shapes: rectangle, pear, hour glass, oval and wedge. Today we are looking at the pear shape body. As mentioned above this body type will have shoulders that are narrower in relation to your hips or lower body. When buying clothes you normally have to take a smaller size on top than bottom. Pear shapes have a tendency, when they gain weight, to gain it below the waist. Remember that pear shape bodies can be on any size person. Some good choices for clothes to help balance your bodies are: A-line skirts, wrap dresses and boot-cut jeans.  Avoid loud prints on the bottom, pants that settle above your waist and short skirts that fit tightly around your lower half.  One of the machines that can help rebalance your curves is the VELASHAPE, as we offer this great treatment to help contour the pear shape body. It focuses on areas of stubborn fat, reducing inches and smoothing the skin. The machine uses infrared heat, radio frequency and suction to help break down the fat. As little as 5 treatments are needed to reshape your areas of concern.

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