Tip of the Day, Brighter Teeth can Enhance your Appearance

You may not realize it, but your overall smile can play a big part in the appearance of your skin – so make sure you take care of your teeth! Teeth discoloration can be unflattering to your smile. There are  2 main ways that discoloration can occur: 1) surface stains caused by smoking, or drinking coffee and colored beverages 2) age can also cause discoloration within the teeth. So, one way you can improve your smile is to stop smoking. Smoking causes deterioration and tooth decay besides staining your teeth. As well, try to avoid drinking beverages like coke, tea and coffee that will stain the teeth. Always maintain a healthy routine in the proper care of your teeth by brushing for 3 mintues. You can use toothpaste with whitening gel or schedule a dental visit for professional teeth whitening.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Your teeth can play a very important role when it comes to beauty and health – so proper oral hygiene is a must. With time and with the consumption of different foods, teeth can lose some of their whiteness so ensure that you have regular dentist visits to make sure that all is ok. If your teeth are becoming yellowish, you can get your teeth whitened professionally. Or for a less expensive way, you can try an at- home remedy like our Liquid Smile. Liquid Smile brightens your teeth and enhances your smile. It is a powerful paint-on gel that when used overnight, helps whiten up any smile. Liquid Smile is gentle enough for your gum line and will produce minimal to no irritation. It comes in several different flavors (my favorite is Lime) so stop by the clinic today and pick up yours – and in 10 days you will be showing off that smile.

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