The latest trend – BOTOX for your Blow Out!

Is working out messing up your hair?? Sure, working out is important but if it gets in the way of your fabulous looking hair, you most likely skip the sweat fest in order to preserve the recent Brazilian blowout you just got done. If you have crazy hair like me, you plan workouts around your washing schedule, you probably avoid swimming pools and let’s not even mention the ocean. Forget taking a walk outside when the humidity index is high! Millions of women can probably relate to this and probably think about the cost factor of maintaining your hair looking tamed.

What if I told you that there is a solution to banishing the sweat from your scalp and keeping your hair unruly-free? Harper’s Bazaar recently reported on the latest trend in the cosmetic world – Getting Botox on your scalp to stop the sweat! Just like Botox can treat hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating) and sweaty palms, the science behind a sweaty scalp makes a lot of sense. Dr. Wright states that the treatment makes sound sense and can help anyone with excessive scalp sweating. The results will vary depending on the sweating pattern and volume. “If you just inject the frontal hairline, you’ll still sweat behind that area, and most likely sweat enough to mess up your hair,” she says.


The bottom line is that instead of washing your hair after every work out and paying for another blowout you can now get the occasional Botox injection – so now you have a choice and a new solution! So women rejoice!

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