Start the New Year with Healthy Skincare Habits!

With 2011 finished, many are now focused on what 2012 may bring! For most, the coming of a New Year means, not only maintaining their youthful appearance, but it is also a good time to begin new and healthy skincare habits. One very easy way to begin is with cleansing. Using the Clarisonic brush, combined with a daily cleanser, is a healthy way to start.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

The Clarisonic system is the best way to smoother and healthier skin. By using sonic technology (along with your daily cleanser) to gently, yet effectively cleanse skin and remove makeup, the Clarisonic can remove 6 times more dirt and makeup than simply cleansing with your hands. Such a complete cleansing will also allow your skin care treatments, such as moisturizers and sunscreens, to work the most effectively.

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