Slow Down the Signs of Facial Aging with the Best Kept Secret!

Many patients come to Dr. Wright with two main concerns. They want to know 1). What are the best products to slow down the signs of facial aging and 2). What are the best ingredients for sunscreen protection?  Read on to find out the secret answer!

Dr. Wright Skin Tip:

Prevage MD, available only through your physician. 

Prevage MD has an EPF ( Environmental Protection Factor) of 95 which is the highest rating to help correct and protect your skin from free radical damage caused by environmental stress and aging.  Using Prevage MD under a zinc oxide sunscreen of SPF 30 is a great one-two punch against the enemy of father-time!

Prevage MD anti-aging treatment contains idebenone 1%, a powerful antioxidant that protect the skin cells in your body. Antioxidants (like idebenone [ee-dee-ben-OWN], the active ingredient in Prevage MD anti-aging treatment) scavenge these free radicals and bind to them before they cause damage. Prevage MD anti-aging treatment helps correct the skin damage that you already have and also protects your skin from future damage.

The antioxidative power of Prevage MD anti-aging treatment has been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as skin roughness and dryness, and to even skin tone to restore youthful-looking skin.

The antioxidative power of Prevage MD has been clinically shown to reduce the signs of skin aging in only 4 weeks.

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