Skin Myth: Doing Facial and Neck Exercises will Tone your Muscles and Tighten your Neck.

This is false. Are you one of those people who won’t bend their head down when reading a menu because of your neck lines and turkey skin?  Our facial muscles attach directly to the skin and with neck movements, the direct pull of these muscles on the skin will create facial expressions and enhance your lines. So doing facial maneuvers or using “seen on TV” gadgets will only add to the double-chin much faster.  So whatever you bought from those TV infomercials, take it back now. 

Dr. Wright’s Tip

No more turkey neck, I have found the answer! The truth regarding turkey neck is collagen and elastin. These are tissues that are present under the skin and are to blame for the skin’s elasticity and tone. When these tissues decrease in number due to aging, it results in wrinkles in the neck.

To improve the neck, jawline and lower face, try our 3-Deep Radio Frequency Device. This is an in-office procedure that has proven to be the most reliable treatment to tighten collagen and elasticity. There is no down time and it only takes minutes out of your day. You come in once a week for four weeks and then every other week for four more treatments. You can even do this procedure on your lunch hour!


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