Say No to Skin Drying Alcohol Ingredients in your Facial Cleansing Product

Is your skin cleanser making you dry? I have oily skin, with acne. But even I can experience a lot more dry skin during the winter season. Usually, my normal skin routine would include using an acne cleanser plus toner to dry out the acne and also minimize the oil on my skin. What I did not know was that I was actually drying out my skin. Winter season is already dry and cold, so I was making matters worse by using a lot of unnecessary products. When the climate changes you also need to re-evaluate your skincare products- and the first step should be your cleanser.

Dr. Wrights Tip

Winter can be brutal for all types of skin, whether you are oily, dry, or mature. In the extreme of winter weather, to reduce the daily drying effects of your cleanser, take a look at it and make sure to avoid cleansers that contain alcohol. Products that contain alcohol can weaken the skin’s balance and can compromise the protective lipids barrier and add extra stress to your skin.  Choose a lighter non-stripping cleansing solution such as our MILD GEL CLEANSER. This unique and refreshing cleanser gently washes away the impurities encountered daily without stripping essential nutrients.  So gentle it can be used twice a day, yet effective enough to be an excellent make-up remover. After using the MILD GEL CLEANSER then you can treat all other issues, if there is a need.

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX