Nail It with a Hit of Color to Brighten your Day

The summer is gone and winter brings cold, grey days. Just because the sun is not as bright does not mean you have to wear boring nail colors and eye shadows. Add a little sun to your life by using a bright yellow with a gold base to your eyes or nails. It can take away the fact that it is another cold and dreary day; – because wearing yellow will make anyone smile! 

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Step outside the dark and into the light. Bring yellow and bright colors into your life by choosing them for your nails or eyeshadow. There is nothing wrong with wearing yellow in the winter. Just make sure you know what color compliments your skin tone. OPI carries an array of yellow colors that would look great for a nails. Aim for yellows that have a gold base which will blend perfectly with a brown wardrobe. For winter try OPI’s “Need Some Glasses”, or the “It” Color. They are both in the yellow-gold-based tones and would brighten any cloudy, cold winter’s da

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