If Dark Under-Eye Circles Plague You…There is a Solution!

17 hollows under eyesBy the time you read this you have probably realized that those so-called “miracle” eye creams alone, won’t provide the real solutions you’re looking for.  Starting in your 30’s your eyes begin to age as the skin under your eyes thins, making blood vessels more visible.  If your under-eye circles are noticed earlier, and are more brown than blue, blame genetics, as under eye pigment is often inherited. For redness under the eyes you may also be suffering from allergies.


For the Aging Eye -Read On to find out how to correct those unsightly under-eye circles!

Dr. Fiona Wright’s Tip:


Two procedures commonly used in my clinic to combat many eye problems are the use of lasers and facial fillers. Laser and light treatments can fade away pigmentation, remove vascularity and tighten loose skin. Many of these procedures today can be performed in a series of treatments that will not require much downtime, if any, and minimal discomfort.  To address several concerns at once, we offer the Trio Complexion Correction system – which has been a popular answer to tighten, retexture and even out the skin tone!


Restylane is an injectable filler that I use often in the tear trough area to revolumize sunken skin under your eyes – which cast the dark shadows. You can see results immediately and it can last up to a year.  About once a year, Dr. Tim will also inject the outer hollows of my eyes as well- and that has given me the most dramatic results of anything else I’ve done. I was starting to look tired all the time, and now I look and actually feel, more rested.

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