How to Deal With Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is both a beautiful and a painful thing— you may suffer from morning sickness but nothing will make you smile quite like hearing your child’s heartbeat for the first time. Due to the constant stretching of your skin and body, your skin can suffer from things like chronic itching and stretch marks. If you notice that you are getting stretch marks, try the following suggestions.

Scars and Stretch MarksBody oil containing natural properties like coconut oil are great at helping aid your body against stretch marks. By adding moisture to your skin, you can help to alleviate any pigmentation problems and help your skin to feel more calm.

Body Butter
Body butters with ingredients like shea in them are also ideal to help treat against stretch marks. Typically filled with ingredients like Vitamin E, body butters help to give your skin the moisture that it needs in order to fight against those nasty and unwanted stretch marks. Simply apply a generous amount of body butter across your abdomen a few times a day, focusing on areas where you might already start seeing stretch marks.

Drink Water
Yes, it might sound crazy and a little bit taboo, but drinking water is a great way at ensuring that your skin and body stays hydrated all through pregnancy. Try carrying around a water bottle with you during the day and fill it up frequently. By staying hydrated, you can help to ensure that your skin stays hydrated as well— which helps with aiding against stretch marks.

If your mother had stretch marks during pregnancy, then you will likely get stretch marks during your pregnancy. Try not to fret too much and enjoy your entire pregnancy. However, if you add in the following things, you can help to prevent against further stretch marks and help to ensure that your stretch marks go away after you have the baby.

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