Give the Gift of Great Skin to your Teen with a Clarisonic Face Brush!


We all remember our teen years, and some might also remember that time as the roughest years for their skin- as  acne and oily skin is the most common concern amongst teens.  For those with a teenager at home, you are very aware that image and a healthy self-esteem are important tools needed for them to survive high school.  While these years are the most vital to teach them a good skincare regimen, these lessons will pay off as they get older.

Read on to find out Dr. Fiona Wright’s great skincare tips for your teen!

Dr. Fiona Wright’s Tip:

As a teen’s body changes, so does their skin. Learning great habits like how to study, to brushing their teeth, to keeping their room tidy- maintaining a good skincare regimen is also important! While you may have your own “adult” skincare routine, here are some tips to get teens motivated and excited to have a skincare routine of their own!

–          Cleansing the skin morning and evening is the first step to good facial hygiene. Products with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are important to keep pimples and oily skin under control.

–          Your teen doesn’t have acne issues you say? Then a mild cleanser can be used to keep their skin fresh and clean without stripping essential oils.

–          Although it may seem that oily skin does not need moisture, a light moisturizer is very necessary to control oil production on the face and decrease the stress of dry skin. When the oil with in the skin is not balanced then oil production can get out of control and clogged pores can produce even more breakouts.


–          My final recommendation – should really be the first! As the CLARISONIC CLEANSING SYSTEM, is the perfect way to detox and reduce stress to the skin, while keeping the skin fresh with your chosen cleanser and moisturizer.  With a brush that has 300 movements per second, it is sure to keep the skin squeaky clean and primed for a youthful and healthy glow!  In fact, many of our teen patients love this brush and look forward to cleaning their skin!

This upcoming New Year can be a great way to get your teen started on their own skincare regimen! The Clarisonic Cleaning System is a great Christmas gift which they will enjoy using daily for a long time to come!

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX