Get the Cheeks You Want…. without Surgery!

radieseAging can come with many changes such as fat loss and collagen depletion which show in our cheeks with the flattening in the center area of our face and cheeks. This can also accentuate sagging in other areas, such as the hollows under the eyes and the jowls, creating a downward turn of the lips.  Men and women may think they need to fill the fold line between their nose and lip line to correct the problem, when in fact; facial fillers on the cheeks will do the trick!

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Dr. Wright’s Tip:

The central (zygomatic or malar) area of the cheeks is located below the rims of the eyes and extends out to the sides of the face. This cheekbone area is a key treatment zone for many individuals seeking a lift for a more youthful appearance. RADIESSE FILLER CHEEK AUGMENTATION is an effective, non-surgical, and minimally invasive option for those who wish to have more volume or lift in the cheekbone area and enhance their overall facial contour and balance. The technique used, Liquid Face Lift, requires advanced skills which incorporates placing the filler in a lifting pattern, creating a natural and soft rise in the cheek and other areas of the face.

Because the cheek area is augmented with RADIESSE FACIAL FILLER, the results are more natural, require little down-time, and have a low incidence of side-effects. Additionally, because no general anesthesia is required my patients can control his/her outcome by looking in a handheld mirror and providing feedback throughout the procedure.

The results speak for themselves!

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