Can I Remove My Skin Tags At Home?

skin tagIn the age of DIY, everyone can get whatever they need done by themselves. With the ingredients to a successful project being: The merits of your own two hands, some spit, elbow grease, a whole lot of determination and grit, and maybe a little bit of luck. But when it comes to cosmetic procedures, it may be helpful to bring in some professional help. If you’re dealing with skin tags, keep reading to learn how, if you should at all, you can deal with skin tags at home.

What Are Skin Tags? 

Skin tags are growths that can appear anywhere on your skin, but typically can be found on the neck, eyelids, or underarms. They can vary in color, from looking like your natural skin color to sometimes being many shades darker or even lighter than it. Some may be firmly attached to the skin while others may be dangling from a thin stalk. Skin tags are harmless. They usually develop where skin faces a lot of friction, either from jewelry or clothing.

So Can I Remove Skin Tags At Home? 

The United States FDA has not approved a single skin tag removal product and due to where skin tags can be located, such as sometimes the eyelids, it is best to not try anything that at best may only irritate the skin tag and, at worst, affect the surrounding skin and tissues causing damage. For example, using a wart remover may be where you instinctively head towards as a potential solution; however, warts are hard, much harder than soft skin tags, and using the strong medication of wart removers can lead to scarred and damaged skin.

What Can A Doctor Do? 

Not only are doctors trained to deal with skin tags and have the requisite knowledge, they also have a variety of tools that can be used. Doctors primarily use three techniques to deal with the skin tag: Cryosurgery, electrodesiccation, and snipping. In these cases, a doctor will either freeze, electrocute, or cut the skin tag, respectively. Though all methods are safe and widely used, it is best to talk to your doctor and develop a strategy that works for you.

If you’re ready to remove your skin tags, make sure you go to an experienced, well-trusted doctor. Like the ones we have at Skin MD And Beyond! Give us a call at 972-608-0808!

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