Are Oxygen Facials Really Better than a Regular Acne Facial?

Oxygen facials have become a hot new trend in the beauty world. With publicity from celebs like Madonna, J.Lo, and Gwen Stefani, women want to experience the anti-aging benefits of oxygen. As humans, we need oxygen to survive; the belief that oxygen has powerful skin nourishing elements has led to the oxygen facial frenzy. Today, Dr Wright talks about How Oxygen Facials Can Help Acne.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Oxidation of the skin is a process in which exposure to environmental assaults like sunlight, UV rays, and toxins cause rapid production of oxidants or free radicals in our bodies. Excessive amounts of these can actually damage tissues and cause acne to worsen. Oxygen is what revives, replenishes and repairs the cells in our body. By treating the skin with direct oxygen, you are restoring the nourishing elements that are not available in our environment as we know it.  

Treating the skin with oxygen not only soothes dry skin, but it also rehydrates and disinfects even the most sensitive skin. Removing impurities and pollutants left on the skin from the outside environment, oxygen has healing qualities that acts as a detox for the skin in a safe and gentle way while rejuvenating your complexion.  Scientific literature has shown that the skin uses oxygen to kill bacteria, reduce dermal swelling, and to reduce lipid(oil) production – all factors involved in acne.   By using “wet” oxygen in a mist or solution, it will penetrate deeper into the oil glands and this is the No. 1 reason for using topical oxygen for acne.

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