Replenish and Hydrate your Skin with our Replenishing Toner

Cold weather can be damaging to your skin. If your face is not properly protected, it can dry out, crack, and wrinkle! It is imperative to have a good moisturizer. But the question is, is there a need for a toner? In our skin regime we always forget the importance for toners.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Clients ask me all the time, “Do I really need to use a toner?” And the answer in most cases is yes. The pH of your cleanser is a bit more alkaline than your skin. Also, the pH of water is significantly more alkaline than your skin. Plus you receive many benefits from toners, especially in the winter. Using a toner will help with the following:

  • Removes traces of cleanser that was left behind after cleansing
  • Help restore your skin to its natural acid PH
  • Refreshes your skin throughout the day
  • Sets your make-up
  • Adds additional moisture
  • Conditions the skin


Using our Replenishing Toner designed to rebalance, hydrate and condition your skin it will gently and effectively remove the final residue from cleansing. This formulation with Green Tea infused hydration is a spray that offers a refreshing blend of calming botanicals and potent anti-oxidants. Works great to remove any traces of cleanser or make-up left behind before going to bed.

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