Relax and Detox your Body with a Shio Doro Body Wrap


Summer isn’t over yet and there is a way to get that sexy body ready for some skin bearing.  Body wrap treatments work to relieve physical strains, improve circulation, aid in healing, relax the mind and even rid the body of impurities. The Shio Doro Contouring Gel Wrap treatment in particular, is not only beneficial to the skin, but is can also help with water retention and result in losing inches.

Read on to find out more about this great detoxifying wrap!


Dr. Fiona Wright’s Tip:

The Shio Doro, which means “Salt Mud”, uses all natural ingredients that helps with firmness and uniformity to the skin. This warm gel has been used over the years to tighten and tone the skin, and help stimulate the body to rid itself of trapped toxins, excess fat and excessive trapped lymph fluid. This therapeutic Shio Doro Contouring Gel Wrap will detoxify your body and help you lose inches. While these natural ingredients will create a chain reaction of softening and removing fat and toxins from your body—it can also be used to keep your skin tight when losing weight on any reduction diet.

This relaxing treatment is also a great addition to add to our advanced body contouring and cellulite programs using VelaSmooth, VelaShape and LipoDisoolve mesotherapy.
This treatment provides optimum results when performed in a series of 8-12 sessions.

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