Reasons Why Spa Services are Important to a Healthy Teen

Teen Spa FacialWhile treatments such as facials, masques and other services make spas a common destination around pivotal events like prom and graduation, med spas and aesthetic dermatology services are quickly becoming a more regular destination for teens and young adults to help boost their confidence and improve their skin health.

Learn why you should consider spa or aesthetic services for your teen in these crucial years.

Dr. Fiona Wright’s Tip:

It’s never too late to introduce your teen to the benefits of healthy skin care before bad habits develop and the Texas environment begins to damage tender skin. The Beyond Spa at Skin MD and Beyond offers teen facials as the perfect introduction to a proper skin care regimen. We’re not only here to help teens relax from their school stress, we also help teens to prevent early breakouts, blackheads, blemishes and sun damage, as well as curing any skin problems they may already have.

During our physician-directed teen facials, the skin is analyzed for personalized skin care needs and then cleansed, steamed, lightly exfoliated, and a custom masque is applied. Extractions will also be preformed as needed, and education is provided throughout.

We highly recommend this service as it creates a pathway to lifelong, quality skin care. While the majority of teens may not have the severe acne, nearly 100% will have some acne, ranging from an occasional breakout to chronic acne during their adolescence. So for your teen, don’t overlook the importance of the vital role a teen facial plays in their own hygiene as it creates a clean, radiant complexion which builds self-confidence

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