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PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) can occur after any insult or inflammation happens to the skin. It can be caused by a skin disorder or because of a beauty or medical intervention. The inflammatory process causes a stimulation of the melanocytes (pigment-making cells) to increase the amount of melanin (pigment), in patients who are susceptible to it. This will cause a brown appearance of the skin in the area of the inflammation. Typically skin traumas that can cause PIH are burns, acne or any other physical trauma, even a scratch or irritation.

Often those with olive or darker skin tones, including Asian, Mediterannean, Middle Eastern and Hispanic individuals, will be more susceptible. Also some patients who may have lighter skin tones themselves, but with a darker skin toned ancestry are also at risk.

Prevention is better than cure, so patients with this predisposition to PIH should really be cautious with any beauty or cosmetic medical intervention, as PIH is always a risk. Those patients who have a history of, or are predisposed to PIH should have lightening agents prior to and after laser treatments. Also using a corticosteroid during the inflammatory phase of a procedure can be very helpful for prevention of this problem.

At Skin MD and Beyond, Dr. Wright has extensive experience and success in treating patients with PIH, as well as treating “at-risk” patients who wish to have cosmetic procedures.

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