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Perlane is a hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler and a member of the Restylane family used for instant correction of facial wrinkles, deep creases and facial anatomical volume correction. When we age, the natural levels of hyaluronic acid decrease which reduces our skin’s “cushion” resulting in lines, wrinkles and folds. Perlane, when injected, corrects this process, and provides resilience and youthful contours to our skin. These injected gel particles, seen as natural products to the body, can replenish some of the hyaluronic acid you need to regain elasticity and fill in folds and creases. As Perlane slowly breaks down, water replaces the gel and the gel will disappear completely, unnoticed.

Perlane is FDA-approved for the treatment of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, and has a long record of success with many satisfied users opting for over 4,000,000 treatments. Perlane is made by the same company that produces Restylane®. Both products are hyaluronic acid based fillers with identical formulations, but with different gel particle size. Restylane uses smaller particles, and is more suitable for fine lines and lip and eye rejuvenation, while Perlane uses larger particles that can help to fill in deeper wrinkles. During your consultation, Dr. Wright will help you to decide which product is right for you.


The Art of Facial Contouring with Facial Fillers at Skin MD and Beyond in Plano Texas

The Skin MD and Beyond Difference:

As a National Advisor for Facial Contouring with Injectables, Skin MD and Beyond sets the gold standard and offers a customized and detailed cosmetic solution that is personally designed for each patient. Every patient is provided a private and detailed medical consultation with the doctor, who will perform your procedure, to assist you in determining the best course of action to address your aesthetic concerns –in a comfortable setting conducive to optimal results. With their extensive knowledge of the skin and the aging process, Drs. Wright will help you achieve long lasting and natural looking results using their gentle techniques and staged treatment approach.


What Is the Difference between PERLANE and other Facial Fillers?

The biggest difference in the various fillers used by Drs. Wright at Skin MD and Beyond, is what they are made of. Restylane, Perlane, Juvéderm, and Belotero are hyaluronic acids or sugar-derived molecules which retain water like a sponge, adding volume to the treated areas. They are all clear and gel-based.

Perlane is thicker than the other above fillers and is meant for deeper injection. Even though all of these products are hyaluronic acids, the “G prime” or “stiffness” of Perlane is much higher and Perlane can support a “heavier load” and create a better lift in facial contours.

To lift up and contour the face, Drs. Wright choose to use Perlane, Voluma and Radiesse. Radiesse is a calcium-based filler, that is white and thicker, while, Voluma is the thickest and most robust hyaluronic acid available. Because of the thickness of the latter two products, they need to be placed deeper in the skin and are not ideal or intended for use in the lips or under the eyes. For first time patients, Perlane or Voluma is often chosen because it is, “kinder and gentler” the first few days.  The Radiesse tends to have more swelling during this time.  The advantage of the Radiesse is that, for many, Radiesse lasts longer and can “lift” more than Perlane, and is less expensive then Voluma. But, if you are apprehensive about having fillers done, then Perlane or Voluma are the better choices for first time users since they can be easily dissolved if you don’t like the results. However, your most important choice may not be so much with product as it is with injector….choose your injector wisely and it will make all the difference! Unlike many physicians, Drs. Wright personally perform all injections and when you visit our office, they will discuss your specific concerns, and outline the available procedures and which injectable fillers are right for you.

What is PERLANE commonly used for at Skin MD and Beyond in Plano, Texas?

As a pioneer in Non-Surgical Cosmetic Rejuvenation and one of the first physicians to use Perlane in the USA, Fiona Wright MD was interviewed by NBC Evening News to provide her expertise and experience with the benefits of Perlane when it first became available. Perlane is commonly used by Drs. Wright for moderate to severe wrinkle and folds, and augmentation of the cheeks, chin, and jowls. Although not designed to treat fine details, when moderate volume correction is needed, Perlane can also be used for lip enhancement and to soften the appearance of sunken eyes.

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Common Questions about PERLANE at Skin MD and Beyond in Plano, Texas?

Q. How long does PERLANE last?

A. Perlane typically lasts 6-12 months, but it depends where it is injected. If injected onto the cheekbones, it can lasts up to 12 months, while in the nasolabial folds and marionette lines it lasts 6-9 months since there is more movement in this area. Duration is also partly affected by the amount injected, level of skin placement, and injection technique.

Q. How long before I see results?

A. As with all hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, with Perlane, you can expect immediate results upon injection. However, we advise that our patients wait at least two weeks before making any final decisions about likes, dislikes, needing more, etc. Though you will have an idea for how your final result will look, swelling does occur, sometimes very little and sometimes a significant amount. This swelling can be uneven and create an unfinished look. If after two weeks you don’t see enough improvement, chances are that you just need more filler to accomplish the correction you want.

Q. Can people with different skin tones be treated with PERLANE?

A. Yes. Perlane works well for all ethnicities and skin types. Perlane is injected below the epidermis ( top layer of skin which contains pigment producing cells) so there is no interaction between the filler and the pigment on the top layer.

Q. Does a PERLANE treatment hurt?

A. Similar to other fillers, the discomfort is minimal. Perlane contains Lidocaine that numbs the area as it is being injected which decrease discomfort during the procedure. We also use a topical numbing agents and ice to make the procedure pain free. We do everything we can to help you feel comfortable.

Q. Am I a candidate for treatment with PERLANE?

A. Perlane injections can be beneficial for both men and women. As the dermal filler is safe for all skin types and ethnicities, Perlane can be an excellent choice for a variety of patients. Most candidates for Perlane are concerned with unwanted facial creases or moderately deep wrinkles. As well, patientswho are unhappy with areas of the face that appear excessively hollowed, flat or deflated, may use Perlane to contour and enhancement the lower eyelids, cheeks and jowl region to mimic a non-surgical facelift.
Perlane injections offer a non-surgical, no downtime way to reduce the signs of aging.


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