Oxygen Facials – a Beauty Blogger’s Best Friend!

julieOne of the many questions I get as a Beauty Blogger is, “What kind of facial do you recommend for your readers?” After much thought and consideration, I have decided that an OXYGEN THERAPY FACIAL is the way to go! I was not blessed with flawless skin and have spent probably thousands of dollars in products. Yes, I am a product junkie and maybe like many of you, I have collected an array of skin products over the years. My skin is very sensitive and anything can cause a breakout but since discovering Skin MD and Beyond, I have a better idea of what my skin needs. Let me tell you why I am in love with Dr. Wright’s Oxygen Therapy Facial!

I have had Oxygen Facials before but none like the treatments performed here at Skin MD and Beyond! After a thorough facial cleanse (the cleansing massage is amazing) to remove impurities, a second steam cleanse provides deeper exfoliation to clean pores and remove dead skin. Next, my aesthetician, which has been personally trained and tested by Dr. Wright’s strict standards, evaluated my skin to choose the correct serums filled with vitamins and minerals for my skin type.  Then, while she applies the “miracle potion” with a relaxing lymphatic massage and I think that it could not get any better, she begins to infuse peptides into my skin with an airbrush to help reduce my wrinkles. But wait – It isn’t over! A soothing and cooling collagen mask is then applied to my face and neck and then she begins a hot stone massage on my hands, arms, shoulders and neck. I am in heaven! My facial ends with an aromatic warm towel to prep my skin for the final steps of moisturizer and sunscreen to protect her work of art.

Not only is my skin getting the moisture and nutrients it needs but the oxygen disinfects the skin from acne-causing bacteria. Dr. Fiona Wright recommends a priming series of 6 treatments to repair your skin from sun damage, acne and rosacea and then continue this facial once a month to maintain the positive results. The result is a clearer complexion, a more youthful glow and your makeup goes on smoother too!

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX