Out with the Old and In with the New! Get Rid of that Tired Look With An Eyebrow Lift!

bigstock-Cosmetic-botox-injection-in-th-38640013-2As Dr. Fiona Wright tells many of her patients, “Stopping aging is easier than ever!” Thanks to the boom of non-invasive anti-aging procedures, everyone can choose from an extensive menu of smoothing, tightening and firming treatments that don’t involve a scalpel or extensive downtime.

Changes around the eyes are among the first perceived signs of facial aging. Read on to know more about how you can change that tired look to a refreshed and youthful looking visage.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

When the eyebrows drops, it gives you the appearance of looking old and angry- and that is why it one of the most popular reasons for patients to consult me. By lifting and volumizing the face with Botox, Dysport and Facial Fillers, this injectable volumetric “brow lift ” is designed to bring back youthful beauty and attractiveness by effectively correcting the descent and deflation of aging.    In using Botox and or Dysport to slightly lift eyebrows, patients who look tired all the time, receive a huge psychological benefit in the way they look, feel and are perceived.

As well, fillers can be injected in specific amounts into deflated areas around the lateral brow and restore 3-dimensional contour. This will create a refreshed looking eyebrow arch as it fills the hollows and lifts the brow back to it youthful position on the face.

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